Friday, October 07, 2005



It was an island with a beautiful landscape
On which subsisted a castaway lonely
Trees, birds and water were his company only
He waited day and night for an escape

He learnt to swim and readied a boat
Gathered food and water for the set off
Planned to push the boat at the wave’s trough
But the beauty of the island let him not

“Escape to the meddlesome civilization?”
The idea doesn’t seemed to be right
“Why not settle here and live a life bright?”
But his loneliness needed compensation

So, he travelled for many days till he reached the shore
He kidnapped a mother and her daughter
Fetched them to his place surrounded by water
On their arrival a monkey welcomed them ashore

A man, a woman, a girl and a monkey
Were the only inhabitants of the lonely land
From day one the mother had the escape planned
She knew, for their escape, the monkey is the key

The woman and the girl got the monkey trained
They taught the monkey all the trickery
And threw the monkey on the castaway named Hickory
Sure was he irritated and got the monkey chained

In the dark of the night the monkey ate some grapes
And in the silence of the night it meditated
In less than few moments the agitated
Army of apes arrived from the planet of the apes

The castaway was taken in their space ship
He was thrown back in to a crowded city
No body believed his story. Oh, what a pity
That is the story of a castaway and his trip.

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