Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Sri Sri

Poesy O poesy
It was long long ago
It was once upon a time
I was young I was green
There was nothing to be seen
The fragrance of my hope
Clung to me like a robe
So long long ago
At once upon a time
Where were you then
Ask the far horizon
In my hope in my dream
I thought I saw your crepuscular car
How beatiful you were
How beyond my reach
Far beyond my gaze
In the days long agone
My life I loafed alone
Dedicated consecrated
To you to you to you
My life I laughed away
Seeking seeking seeking
I almost forgot
What it was sought
The intoxicated moments
Were an endless torment
And I knew not
Which was which what was what
This five-fingered magic was it you
This imitation of inspiration
This decor or rhetoric
This sylogistic illogic was it you
I knew not then
And what was your form
What sybaritic grace what wingcommanding norm
Dulcet halcyon
Eohippus celestial griffon
I knew it wasn't you
I rotted in my room
I waited in the gloom
Alive alone alone
Those days long agone
That onced upon my time
And as I chimed Drenched in the downpour of my dream
Always expectant
By my discipline putrified
By my determination petrified
With many a fiery sonata
In my medulla oblongata
Pleading Oh when Oh when
Shall the gates of creation open
As thus I waited
With my breath bated
What shouts what hetaerea what chimaerae
What parallelograms of emotions
What ultramarine exultation
What trinitrotoluene of exultation
Bursting on my head
Thud thud thud thud
How did my song come to life
What was it I had seen
Was it the midnight sky rending
The very heaven descending
In a perpetual perpendicular of rain
Blowing conch blasting drum
In the ocean's skyscraping storm
I heard that very night
In the forests intricate
Metreless but not meaningless
The noises and voices of hunger and sex
Of wild animals Leo the rex roaring
Growling tiger prowling jackal howling
And too I heard
The music of the spheres
The symphony of orchestra of the stars
The earthquake's ultimatum
Empires crumbling
Governments tumbling down
And I heard the reverberating conflagrations
Of wars and revolutions
There you are
Always everywhere
Immediate as here
Instantaneous as now
And how
Could I enumerate
All that I saw that I heard
As I thought of you
How could I construe
In so many words
All the sounds all the visions
Conjured up by my contemplation of your presence
Refulgent diamond
Flowering in a lake of fire
Ferric falcon flying
Bells of fever pealing
In the cannon's mouth of deafening choir
And more and more and more
The sights and sound galore
I saw the maternity ward the midnight birth
A young mother hugging her newborn babe
I heard her dreams describing
Honeysweet vortices in her mind
I heard the sleeping baby
Sing the singsong dingdong memories of its past
And then the vast
Magnified closeup of the patient chloroformed
In a twilight of life and death
I heard his nervestrings thrum
His blood vessels hum
And I saw the drunken bum
Immobilized in the gutter
I heard his confused shutter
Complaining to the dogs
Explaining to the stars
In incomprehensive rigmaroles
The deep sea wisdom of his inner soul
Again I heard I heard I heard again
The strained refrain of stridnet pain
Welling in the eyelids half-closed
Of the metropolitan prostitute locked in the act
Of the carnal diablerie
Trading love's counterfeit zeal
For a fee that buys her meal
I also heard

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