Sunday, December 04, 2005

Percy Adlon

Words to remember by Percy Adlon(Director of Bagdad Cafe) : "I never forced my filmmaking but made the necessary decisions step by step when they were needed - a beautiful and exciting and not always successful procedure.
Style was always very important to me. A lead colour for an entire film. A sparse environment. A limited space. One song. No real score. Just the separate instrumental tracks of the song. A lot of original sounds. Not to much dialogue. No violence. Praise of woman. A mood between tears and laughter. Others later called it my poetic realism. Light and color, motion and calm, emotion, surprise, hope, joy, being touched, fulfillment, images that doesnt have to be explained. This is whats important for my films. Some conflict, some suspense. But just very carefully used like some spice that should never overpower the more subtle flavors.
Film for me always was something that feeds itself from other art forms, but is totally unique, distinguished. Dialogue is not the deciding factor but the unspoken.
My stories are like fantasies, or dreams of life. Therefore my colors don�t try to match real life but are filtered through the sieve of memory. For instance we made the desert in Bagdad Cafe golden like in a painting of Salvador Dali, while in reality the desert is mostly gray. In my film, the gold became the lead color. A symbol for warmth. For the possibility of warmth among people. A symbol of friendship.
There is much more to tell..."
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