Friday, November 25, 2005

Manjunath Shot dead: For those of you who never knew Manjunath, he was a student of SJCE who then did his MBA from IIML. He was posted in IOC. It was here that he got involved in the petrol adulteration issue and was shot dead because of his decisions. This happened in UP.
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If you haven't already done this, then please click on the link below to sign an online petition �
Some of you might have already done this, don't really know how effective it is, if at all. Isn't there some way we can do something about it? The system is us and we need to take responsibility for it.
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Ahiri said...

Your advice to the youth?

Success doesn’t come easily. Work hard, hard, hard! Don’t be in a rush. Cultivate a balance. There are more opportunities now than ever before. The earlier artistes such as Ariyakkudi went through the whole cycle and then reached the top. There is no easy way to good music. It requires sadhana – and lots of it. Don’t forget, “It’s cool to listen to Carnatic music!”