Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Lonely Sailor

Above the water deep
The stars shined
Through the clear water fast asleep
The lonely sailor silently cruised

The cool moonlight scattered
Over the silvery beach of the island
The rolling waters splattered
The shores of the land 8

Stories were many about the island
On which stood a impregnable fort
The pride of the land
Built around an inner court

Sailors traveled from afar, many he knew
In search of the fort, wishing to possess
Not one could see their dreams come true
All left in a haste with no success 16

He knew about that island and the fort
Even before he heard of it
Nightmares were many; of him falling short
That he might never reach it

One day he knew that he would find
The island and the fort, which is her heart
For he knows he is not their kind
The failed sailors knew not the secret 24

Above the water deep
The stars exhausted
Through the waves steep
The lonely sailor landed

The apex of the fort twinkled
Through the blurry oceans' mist
His face was sprinkled
With joy; it was upon seeing the fort 32

Morning star shined bright
From the clear morning sky
Sun was rising upon the right
He smiled as the shore drew nigh

The morning sun cast a shiny
Golden sheen on the island's shore
He set his feet on her tiny
Silver sands of the beach floor 40

No others walked the beach
With such care; his foot prints
Vanished as he took his step, but each
Step left his invisible imprints

Many a walls were built around
The fort. A faint smile tarried on
His lips; for he knows the fort would
Need how many protective walls: None 48

Above the silvery sands
The sun brightly shined
In to the lapping wave sounds
The lonely sailor walked

Pure was he, at his heart
His glances destroyed the walls
His breaths gave the air a fresh start
His voice echoed sweetly through the halls 56

As he entered the fort
The sweet leaves sang
As he stepped into the inner court
The bells rang

There in the middle of the court
A shrine stood shining bright
He stepped into it, knowing his forte
His intent clear as white 64

For he knows the secret
Of love. To own it is not his intent
To be with it is what makes him content
And there he became it

The story reached distant
Places; about the Lonely
Sailor who conquered the fort
And it was a story so lovely 72

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